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Friday, June 6, 2014 - Managing the risks of Mould

Toxic mould has become a preeminent concern for property owners. However, mould contamination can be prevented through measures that control moisture, and respond efficiently to a water leak or discovery of an emerging mould condition.

The term “mould” or “mold” describes more than a million species of microscopic fungi that grow on wet organic matter. Its many varieties can be found naturally outdoors as well as in indoor environments. As a rule, “healthy” buildings contain levels of mould similarly found in outdoor environments. When excess moisture is present, mould problems can spread and reproduce rapidly.


Temperate climate (typically above 70 degrees Fahrenheit).
Existence of nutrient source such as wood, paper, or other cellulose or carbon-based material.
Moisture (high humidity rather than pooled or running/dripping water is sufficient).

When these criteria are satisfied, mould growth can begin within 48 hours. Once mould growth begins, the problem becomes more complicated.


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