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Friday, September 21, 2018 - Alberta's best kept secret!

Discover one of Alberta’s best-kept vacation secrets

Just an hour-and-a-half south of Calgary and only 30 minutes from the town of Vulcan lies a little-known gem. The Little Bow Resort and its collection of 250 bare land condominium properties is located along the sandy shores of Travers Reservoir, a 17-kilometre-long lake with crystal clear waters fed by the Little Bow River.

“It really is beautifully clean, and it is a deep lake and quiet, so you can really enjoy boating and all of the sports that go along with it,” said  Little Bow property owner  .

He and his wife purchased a lot and built a 1,600-square-foot, three-storey, loft-style, A-frame home at Little Bow Resort for recreational use. However, initially, the development really wasn’t on the couple’s radar. “We owned two lots at Invermere that we were going to build on,” said MacDougall.

Thirteen years ago, MacDougall and his wife, Audrey, were out for an afternoon drive, heading towards the Vulcan area. “We saw this boat go by and we were thinking ‘where is the lake around here?’ We followed the boat and, all of a sudden, we came over this hill and there was Travers Lake,” he said.

The couple quickly put down a deposit on a lot and put their Invermere properties up for sale.

This four-season playground is perfect for ice fishing, cross-country skiing and skating in the winter, in addition to a bevy of summer activities, from boating to lazing in the sun. Property owners in the area are a mix of full-time residents, snowbirds who head south for the winter months and recreational users.

“We basically move down July 1 and come back to Calgary September 15,” said MacDougall. “It is close enough that if we need to go into the city for work, we can.”

Top Attractions

Travers Reservoir is a 130-foot deep, 17-kilometre long and 10-kilometre wide lake, fed by the Little Bow River.
The resort has a lease with Alberta Environment for the use of the shoreline, which includes a string of private beaches and a marina.
The town of Vulcan is 30 minutes away, while Lethbridge is only an hour’s jaunt down the highway for those bigger Costco trips.

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