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Friday, February 15, 2019 - Crossfield, Didsbury, Carstairs & Olds offer a rural lifestyle

North of Calgary, where Highway 2A splits off the main route to Red Deer , are Four communities offering the best of quiet, rural-Alberta living.

Crossfield, Carstairs, Didsbury and Olds,  each approximately 10 -15 mins from each, other have their own unique appeal, along with real estate choices ideal for growing families.

Crossfield is the closest being only 10 minutes from Airddrie

 Carstairs is a family friendly community located less than an hour’s drive from Calgary, with many residents who commute to the big city each day.

Word is getting out about Carstairs’s great location, local amenities and single-family homes that cost less than a similar house in Airdrie or Calgary.

Including a new development in the area offering homes with up to five bedrooms and a three-car garage priced in the $400,000s.

About a 10-minute drive north and slightly west on Highway 582 is the town of Didsbury, with its historic downtown area.

Another 10 minutes north is the town of Olds. There’s a small-town feeling, some really great schools, the first hospital north of Calgary.”

Real estate in the town is primarily made up of single-family homes, with prices for a typical home running from about $250,000 to $350,000.

There is now a mix of big box stores and local retailers, and Olds College, once known primarily for its agricultural offerings, has since broadened the scope of its programs.

Olds offers a wide variety of real estate types, from detached, single-family homes to townhomes and apartment-style condos. The average house price of about $345,000 compares favourably with places like Calgary, where the figure sits closer to $490,000.

At the end of the day,  anyone looking for a great place to live that’s amenity rich but away from the big city should give Olds a try.

“It’s definitely worth it,” a resident said. “That’s what I did 18 years ago, and I have no regrets.”

Source Creb now. nov. 2018

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