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Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 5 home staging details that attract buyers

Replace old curtains and rods:

You may think that something as small as curtain rods might not make such a huge impact on potential buyers, but as a window treatment specialist, let me assure you that you’d be wrong. It is often said that the windows are the eyes of the home, so you can think of the curtain rods as the eyeliner or makeup that beautifies the overall appearance of the home. It’s details like these that count the most.

Repairing cracks and mildew:

Imagine your potential property buyers browsing through the house, and then one of them skirts past the basement, where there’s a large hairline crack or a huge spot of mildew. This can result in instant devaluation of the property. No one wants to invest in a home that has a waterproofing problem.

The cost of fixing many foundation cracks is usually not as expensive as many homeowners think. 


When it comes to home staging, one of the biggest mistakes many sellers make is not depersonalizing their ambiance. Yes, everything has to be appealing in terms of décor, but that couple looking to buy the home doesn’t need to see the gallery wall featuring your client’s kids growing up, or that huge family portrait over the fireplace mantel. It’s a huge no.

Take all the personal items – trophies, pictures, beloved book collections – off the décor list and replace them with something impersonal like vases, letterboards, landscape photography and graphics or abstract artwork.

An inviting exterior:

During the staging process, many sellers tend to focus just on the interior of their property. While it’s important to make the ambiance feel welcoming and cosy, it won’t make a difference if the exterior makes a bad impression. An unattractive lawn, peeling or shabby paint and an overgrown yard with awful lighting are all precursor to a bad sale.

The best way to improve that is to walk around the yard and look at everything from an outsiders’ point of view. This way, you can have your client repair the cracks on the sidewalk, refurbish the shutters, refresh the paint and deliver a picturesque landscape that’ll wow the property buyers.

Source REM MAr 2019

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