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Friday, June 12, 2015 - Cleaning tips

For this project, you’ll need three or four medium-sized decorative buckets.  Because the buckets will be on display, choose ones that either complement the style of your home or pick up on an accent colour that you’ve used throughout.

1. Label your buckets by room, i.e. kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc. 

2. Once the labels are in place, fill each bucket with the cleaning supplies that are needed for the room indicated on the label.  How genius is that?  So, the next time you need to clean the bathroom, you just grab the cute bathroom bucket instead of rifling through all the random cleaning supplies that are jammed under the sink.

Where you choose to display your buckets is up to you.  A shelf in the laundry room works great, as does the mudroom or walk-in pantry.  Decorative buckets or bins can also be used to organize your front entryway, or you can label grab-and-go buckets for outdoor toys.  You can even give each member of your family their own bucket for scarves, mitts and hats to avoid a messy and inconvenient pile.

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