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Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - Curb appeal tips

Here are nine curb appeal areas  as a seller you need to pay attention to:

Clean the siding, front door, windows, porch, driveway and walkway with a power washer to clear the winter’s dirt, dust and cobwebs
Clear out dead plants and shrubs from garden beds and planters
Plant frost-hardy plants like hostas, begonias, pansies and sedums
Add fresh mulch to the garden bed
Weed and mow the lawn regularly
Fix any uneven interlocking stones
Repaint the porch or stair railings
Makes sure no weeds are poking out from the edge of driveways and patios
Repair cracks and reseal the driveway

I recommend looking at your curb appeal from across the street. This will give you a panoramic view of what the front of the house looks like. Take a few photographs and have the clients look at them carefully. See if anything appears out of place or requires a bit more attention.

If the house is an investment property and is vacant, make sure you make the time to visit it once a week to tend to the front and backyard. 

Source - REMonline -  June 2019

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