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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - Athens MArathon

Travel day has arrived! We leave for Athens tomorrow,  a few of our group have already departed. I am so looking forward to meeting up with them again on Greek soil. The hard work has paid off and we are ready! The race is live on SKAI tv. So if you are awake between midnight and 6am on the 31st October, you can watch the thousands of participants run - I will be the one with the red Canada cap!!   just google skai tv on your computer. The results will be posted on athensclassicmarathon.com or ... Full Article...
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 - Lake Bonavista statistics

As your Local Lake Bonavista specialist I bring you the September 2010 statistics: As of Oct. 7th, 2010: Active listings in Lk Bonavista and Lk Bonavista Estates = 36 and we have 1 with a sale pending. For the month of September there were 5 homes sold in Lake Bonavista - highest price = $475,000 and lowest price = $380,000. The average price was $425,000.  For the month of September there were 2 homes sold in Lake Bonavista Estates - for $1,700,000 and $835,000 Please do not hesitate to ...
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