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Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - Sunrooms are becoming a hot commodity

As temperatures rise, so too does interest in enjoying the sun from the comfort of one?s home, and a sunroom is one option that is easy to warm up to. ?Nowadays, no one is considering a cruise or a trip to Italy, so they?re really focused on improving the space around them,? said Bob Whiteside, general manager of Desert Sun Patios in southeast Calgary. ?Some houses have a deck, but it?s often too hot or too cold to enjoy it, so homeowners are seeking other ways to get the most from their rear ... Full Article...
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Sunday, June 28, 2020 - Staging a garage?

If you read CREB®Now or my blogs , you probably already know the importance of staging your home when you sell. But what about your garage? When it comes to staging a home, the best advice is usually to make it look like you?d want to live there. But what do you do when you?re staging a space that will be home to vehicles rather than people? That was the challenge presented to home stager Elysse Bulloch with one of her recent projects. Boasting two garages, including a newly renovated ...
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Saturday, June 27, 2020 - Net zero homes

Take net zero homes for example. A decidedly niche category, when normal life resumes and fuelled by legislative change and changing consumer preferences, this is a space to watch, say industry observers. ?It?s coming. I have no doubt about that,? says Sonja Winkelmann, director of net zero energy housing for the Canadian Home Builders? Association (CHBA). ?PV (photovoltaic solar panel) technology has improved so much and we?re getting so good at building these net zero homes,? she ...
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Friday, June 26, 2020 - Make the most of your balcony

For many residents of apartment-style condo buildings, a balcony offers a small, private slice of the outdoors ? a place to kick back with a book, sip your morning coffee, catch a few rays, or enjoy an al fresco meal or cocktail. In recent months, the widespread adoption of social distancing and self-isolation to combat COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of private outdoor spaces. For those who have them, balconies and backyards provide a crucial refuge ? a safe space to get some fresh air ... Full Article...
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Thursday, June 25, 2020 - From seed to salad: How to grow your own produce

As self-isolated gardeners in charge of our own personal food security this summer, it?s good to know which vegetables are fast from seed and which ones are oh so slow. Sprinkle radish seeds directly into your garden soil any day now (or in a 45-centimetre pot on your sunny, sheltered patio) and they will sprout in 2-5 days. You can start slicing and serving the spicy red balls a month after they sprout. Alternately, you could seed asparagus seed right now, grow them for a month indoors under ... Full Article...
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Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - Spring cleaning check list

Spring might have officially started on March 19, but as Calgarians know, ?spring? in this city is an elastic concept. Now that temperatures are rising and nature is showing new signs of life, it?s time to give your home the spring-cleaning treatment. Thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, keeping your living space clean (and sanitized) is more important than ever. Due to social distancing measures, people are spending the bulk of their time at home, and the novel coronavirus can live on ...
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Thursday, June 18, 2020 - Skytower: Canada's tallest residential tower

For years, rumours have been swirling about the addition of a soaring residential tower to Toronto?s skyline, and now it?s finally official: SkyTower by Pinnacle International is set to become Canada?s tallest residential building (for now, at least) at a towering 95 storeys (or 313 metres). Designed by the award-winning Hariri Pontarini Architects, SkyTower will offer its residents incredible views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline from its 800+ condominium suites. The suites themselves ... Full Article...
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Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - Bathtub conversion to a walk in shower

Stand-alone showers have been rising in popularity as the primary bathing method in many homes?they?re practical, spacious, and downright gorgeous. If you?ve been reconsidering your bathroom?s space with a shower conversion, think about the following important considerations to help you get started. Can it affect my home?s resale value? While it?s usually recommended to maintain at least one bathtub in a home, some Houzz polls indicate this may not be as important to homeowners as it used to ... Full Article...
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Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - 5 Things You Should Never Remove When Renovating an Older Home

Heritage homes have features that new builds just can?t replicate: soaring ceilings, gorgeous trim and solid construction are just a few reasons people fall in love with these charming properties. However, when it comes to renovating a heritage home, it can sometimes seem daunting.  New homeowners may look at an older home?s overall décor and feel compelled to gut everything to get a fresh start. But put down that crowbar and sledgehammer! Some original elements actually enhance the value of ... Full Article...
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Friday, June 12, 2020 - Inglewood and Ramsey

As Calgary?s oldest community, Inglewood is a neighbourhood that has been through a lot. Since it pre-1900 founding as Brewery Flats, Inglewood ? along with its neighbour Ramsay ? has weathered both the First World War and Second World War, the Great Depression, and countless booms and busts. The communities have bounced back time and time again, emerging as two of the most desirable places to call home in the city. These neighbourhoods already boast an impressive selection of amenities, ...
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Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - Additional costs to consider with a new home purchase

While budgets, like rules, are often made to be broken, there are some additional costs associated with the purchase of a new home that buyers should keep in mind to avoid breaking the bank. ?A lot of that added expense is items outside the home, such as landscaping, fencing and decks,? said Karl Bursnell, sales contracts manager for Homes by Avi. ?Most builders will also offer a turnkey package that includes landscaping, but typically, for a single-family, detached home, you are doing it ...
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Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - A little goes a long way - spring maintenance

Springtime brings an energy like no other season. So, why not put that energy to good use with some easy maintenance tasks that will have your home ready for the laidback days of summer and beyond? ?A lot of this work is proactive rather than reactive and can save money in the long run,? said Jeff Howells, professional home inspector with Nu Level Inspections. Here are his top spring maintenance tasks for homeowners, inside and out: Exterior After the accumulation of fall?s messy debris and ... Full Article...
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Sunday, June 7, 2020 - Attic conversion?

Many homeowners know the value of additional space in their homes, whether it?s an extra bedroom for a teenager seeking solitude, or to bring in-laws under the same roof. It?s a big undertaking requiring the support and understanding of your entire household.  When it comes to adding more livable space, there are two typical options to consider: build an addition, or convert your attic space. While converting attic space may seem like the simplest?and lowest-cost?solution, it?s no simple task. ... Full Article...
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Friday, June 5, 2020 - Habitat for Humanity Silvercreek project provides housing and hope to families in need

A Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta affordable housing project in Calgary?s northwest community of Silver Springs is transforming lives through homeownership, providing new homes and new hope to 32 families. ?Moving into this home has really given us an opportunity to start a new chapter together and have a home base without having to move yearly,? said Robert, a Silvercreek homeowner and single dad. His is one of six families who recently moved into the project?s first phase. Robert and ... Full Article...
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Thursday, June 4, 2020 - "Cash for home" offers on your home

For a variety of reasons, some people need to sell their home quickly. This motivation might lead some homeowners to explore options beyond the traditional resale market. In these situations, ?cash for homes? offers can be an enticing option for sellers who are on the clock. First, a business or individual will inspect the home. If they like what they see, they?ll make a cash offer, usually representing a below-market-rate sale price. If accepted, the business or individual might make some ...
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Wednesday, June 3, 2020 - 5 things to do for spring decor

Spring. It brings sunshine, rain, flowers, chirping birds, and a welcomed sense of renewal. There?s something about looking out your window and being greeted by sunshine, blooming tulips, and budding leaves that makes you feel fresh, new, and alive. Not only does spring stir up feelings of a fresh start, it also evokes an irresistible urge to declutter, organize, purge, and clean my house from top to bottom. I always take this opportunity to refresh and readjust my home décor, after all, even ... Full Article...
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Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - Understanding the deposit process for a new-build home

A deposit is the first financial hurdle a homebuyer needs to clear when buying a pre-construction home. That deposit is generally five per cent of a home?s total value for a purchase of less than $500,000, but it can be as high as 20 per cent for a $1-million-plus home. Those funds are a pre-construction commitment to the builder to take that condo or single-family home off the market. That money also gets put toward your eventual down payment. ?It?s important for the consumer to understand the ... Full Article...
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Monday, June 1, 2020 - Home made out of 612,000 recycled bottles!

A home recently listed in Halifax is made from 612,000 recycled PET bottles, says builder JD Composites. The home at 39 Sunset Lane in Meteghan River, N.S. is priced at $490,000. The builder says the 2,000-sq.-ft. open-concept home outperforms traditional construction with its patented structural panels providing unrivaled insulation, low maintenance living and a life expectancy of over 250 years. The home is wind and fire-resistant. [Joel German and David Saulnier of JD Composites created, ... Full Article...
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