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Thursday, June 24, 2021 - On the Water: What to Know About Living in a Floating Home

Mahone Bay Nova scotia There?s always been a romance about the water. From classic tales of the high seas to memories of quiet early mornings spent fishing with your parents, the water holds a special place in our collective experience. In fact, it?s so special for some people they?ve taken the plunge and decided to live on the water full time. Floating homes offer an alternative way of life. Today, we?ll explore why, delve into some specifics, and help you decide whether the move might be ...
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Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 6 Things Stagers Will Definitely Want to Change in Your House Before You List it - So Be Prepared!

We?re pretty attached to our stuff, aren?t we? Family photos, knick-knacks, and artwork?they reflect our personalities and styles. However, those might be a problem if you?re showing your home to potential buyers. They want to imagine themselves living in a beautiful, clean space, and that means properly staging a house for sale. So if you?re planning on selling soon, here are six things a professional stager would likely do to maximize your home?s full potential. Stagers will work closely with ... Full Article...
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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - How to buy a Vacation Home in Tulum, Mexico

We recommend to Ask yourself a few questions: 1.Do you want something that can produce a rental income, or perhap want some Tulum real estate to be used for vacation rentals part time?  2. Is buying real estate in Mexico a life-long dream, and a place you plan to spend your winter months for years to come?  3. Are you near retirement age and want to buy a house in a beautiful climate, one you can share with other members of your family? 4. What about amenities? Would you prefer indoor parking? ... Full Article...
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Monday, June 7, 2021 - The mystery mansion near Calgary that has everyone talking

The 11,000-sq.-foot residence's front door is protected by statues of life-sized golden horses, and a golden chariot helmed by a giant winged man, also in gold It comes out of nowhere. You?ll be driving south of the Trans-Canada Highway, through the dun-coloured foothills that run parallel to the still snow-tipped Rocky Mountains, and there it is. Bam. A monster house so grand-but-fleeting that you can?t help but ask yourself: ?What was that? Some kind of hotel?? But the 22 is a busy highway, ... Full Article...
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